“Rete Montagna” (Alpine network) is an international association, founded on the 11th of November 2000 in Belluno, upon the initiative of the G. Angelini Foundation. This association brings together Institutes, Organizations and Research Centers focused on mountain issues, such as: the University of Innsbruck and Udine (Klagenfurt at the beginning), the Department of Geography of Milan, Padua and Grenoble (for many years), the Italian Association of Geography teachers and many others.


Recent news

17 February 2017

The Alps in movement: People, Nature, Ideas

The proceedings of the VII Rete Montagna Congress in Bolzano (2014) The Alps in movement: People, Nature, Ideas are now out; the editors are Andrea Omizzolo and Thomas […]
15 February 2017

Paesaggi culturali / Cultural Landscape – CULTLAND

The IUAV University of Venice has recently constituted some “ClusterLAB” for the interdepartmental research, in collaboration with associations and companies. The clusterLAB Cultural Landscape CULTLAND, with the […]
15 February 2017

Monastery and territory: spiritual and spatial peripheries

Seminar about the Monastic Landscape which will take place on 18, 19 and 20 of May in the Praglia Abbey, on the Euganei Hills, near Padova

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